* Large output power; Big welding thrust; Easy to start welding; Anti-stick under small welding current; Deep welding pool.
* Output characteristic is similar to the AC welding machine; Arc is strong and the stiffness is good.
* Using Inner characteristics control mode for responding quickly to change in arc length so that the arc will not be easy to be broken.
* Using peak current control mode; Power device can work reliably even if the frequent impact of short-circuit.
* High maximum output voltage; long arc, the ability of anti-voltage fluctuation is strong.
* PCB surface coated with insulating paint for preventing erosion by humid and corrosive gases.
* Single knob adjustments make it simple and convenient to operate.
* IGBT Inverter technology for energy-saving, light, compact and portable.

* Induction electric industry heater
* Low energy consumption
* Safety and easy to operate
* Heating rapidly


* SG-WM 250 A
* SG-WM 350 A
* SG-WM 400 A