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SEGA Tools leads the way in the production of professional working tools and instruments.

Our catalogue comprises wide range items for use in a wide variety of working fields, including building, hydraulics, electrotechnics and automotive industry. In addition, SEGA , SEGA Xplus and SEGA FIX are the brand names of our automotive and construction chemicals respectively.

Tradition and innovation are the key ingredients our team relies on every day, to design and manufacture top-quality, durable products which are steadily upgraded to satisfy professional users' new requirements.

Make any project easier with the right tools to do the job. Hand tools include everything from hammers and screwdrivers to clamps, saws, pliers, tapes, levels, and anything else that will help with your project. Whether you’re a professional contractor who needs high performance, durable power tools that will withstand years of jobsite use, or a homeowner seeking the right equipment for the job at hand, SEGA Tools has a complete in-store selection to get the job done. Also , our friendly staff have the expertise to provide sound advice to help you find what you need.


Our Customers are the focus of everything we do. Our top priority is to create value for our customers; to respond promptly to their necessity with quality. It is our mission to take responsibility for our products for the long term.


To be ‘’ the best ‘’ is our eventual aim. To be the best in quality, service, supplier and dealer relationships; to offer the best service opportunities for our customers; and to sustain this reputation are our primary aim. To achieve these aims we are committed to managing our business to be the leader in the market.


Which each product line introduced to market an innovate on various groups. Whether it is a new product design, a rare/unique or new level of quality in printing on various materials we always push ourselves to do better products. We think that only innovation and high quality of manufactured goods can results in a long lasting relationship with our clients who turst our to constant product portfolio development.

Advance Products

Sega is the biggest and strongest brand in its industries. It has became synonymous with lubricants & additives, car care products , adhesives & sealants to millions all over the world and ranked amongst the most-trusted brand in the countries. Also Sega has successful and given special services into some of products trading.


Product Category


SEGA Xplus is the best source for hardware and tools catagory. We offer the high quality and wide range for your works.

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For general metal fabrication and maintenance including automotive, civil and bridge construction, sheet metal, shipbuilding, etc. Ideal for out-of-position welding with restraint. All-position welding.

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Fire extinguishers can save lives and property by putting out a small fire or containing it until the fire department arrives.

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Super strong and fast adhesive in seconds, instantly paste all kinds of mdf kit, wood, plastic, marble, glass, and metal surfaces.

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We are real partner in technical and industrial works ; help to find right maintenance for the needful applications.

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